CBK Rotorua Chilli Beast Burger Challenge

Check out this challenge from CBK ROTORUA, on THIS WEEKEND! Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd March.

CAN YOU HANDLE THE HEAT? 🌶️ 🔥 THIS WEEKEND ONLY*, we challenge you to come down and try our WICKED CBK CHILLI BEAST BURGER! The pattie is loaded with Carolina reapers, Trinidad scorpions and 7 pot yellow brain strains. These chilli’s are seriously hot!!! 🌡️ The fries are doused in Fire Dragon Chillies 🌶️ sauces including their Dragons Fury ( This burger is lethally hot!!! 🔥🔥 The CHALLENGE is to devour this lip dissolving gum destroying lava infused cake, in 10 minutes or less, with only a single 200ml glass of water. The entire burger must be consumed as well as the fries. No removal of any sauce or any kind of cheating or challenge is forfeit. WE ARE WATCHING YOU!!! Contestants must take a photo and check into CBK Rotorua Facebook page to win! Winners receive a $20 CBK Gift Voucher to return. So for all you CRAZY CHILLI EATING people! Come on down to CBK - WE CHALLENGE YOU!!!

Check out the facebook event page for more details! *Until stocks last

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