CBK has Gold Kisses for Ka'iulani

This month CBK & STONEGRILL NZ have been raising money to help one very special little girl.

Gold Kisses for Ka'iulani

Ka'iulani has just turned two and is fighting a rare cancer called Neuroblastoma. She has endured Chemo and two 10 hour surgery's to try and remove the large tumour in her abdomen. They are now left with the mammoth task of raIsing $350,000 - $2 million dollars to get the next stage of treatment she desperately needs and they need it NOW with treatment starting in May. http://kaiulani.co.nz/

We are raising hundreds to donate to this amazing cause and it's not too late for you to help too: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/kaiulani

The amazing team that support Ka'iulani are having a Gala evening at Eden Park, for full details check out the event page:



#beatneuroblastoma #thankyouforbeingsokind #doingittogther #helpingthoseinneed

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