Here at CBK we love MOA beer, but what makes them special?

Is it the MOA bones in the Wairau valleys water? Hmmmm doubtful. We think it's because they make beer the way beer used to be made: "most of our beers are rounded off through the use of winemaking techniques, such as bottle conditioning where a small amount of active yeast and priming sugar is added to the brew just before bottling (like Champagne). This is why you may find some sediment at the bottom of each bottle. This traditional technique naturally carbonates the beer, significantly enhances shelf life and longevity, creates dynamic and complex flavours that change over time (like a good wine), and gives the beer an elegant, champagne-like mouthfeel." Josh Scott Here on TAP: METHODE PILSNER Style: Pilsner ABV: 5% Moa Methode is a modern interpretation of a classic pilsner, uniquely finished with a champagne yeast and dry hopped with a generous amount of Motueka. This beer displays upfront aromatics, complex spicy characters and a dry finish. TEMPERANCE ALE Style: Hoppy Mid-Ale ABV: 3.3% Moa Temperance Pale Ale is a light, easy drinking, full-flavoured mid-strength New Zealand Pale Ale. Hopped and dry hopped with Motueka and Nelson Sauvin, this beer has a solid 40 IBUs with characteristic tropical fruits dominating the senses - melon, mango and passionfruit are evident along with a citrus bite. Available only on draught at selected craft beer bars in New Zealand.- Come try it at CBK! And so many more in the bottle: Five Hop, Imperial Stout, St Josephs, Southern Alps, Classic IPA and of course this months guest beer, MOA NZ Gold Ale to support all our Olympians. (Liam Malone - you rock.) ​Check out MOA's new styling we think its pretty dam cool - what do you think?

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