CBK Craft Bar & Kitchen has been growing steadily over the past 5 years. The success of the brand and each store relies upon the passion, drive and focus of each licensee. 

We are looking for the future leaders of our industry.

CBK is all about community we need a team who want to build a future for themselves & those in their own neighbourhood because it takes a village to build a successful business.

CBK suits a re-brand of an existing venue or a blueprint site built from scratch, talk to us about the opportunities

Contact Tony Scott Tony@cbk.nz

In the meantime, here's a little bit about us:

Welcome to CBK – Craft Bar & Kitchen.

Come on in and take a seat. Let us bring you the best of New Zealand craft beers, ciders and culinary delights. Put your feet up and take a couple of mins to read all about us.

We hope you’ll learn we are a lively, cosy and unpretentious sanctuary, where the service is brilliant, the food is exceptional and there are dozens of great Kiwi craft beers on offer.


Who we are:
We are Kiwi's who wanted to create something reminiscent of the old days, growing up as happy kids, the memories of old smokers in the backyard, ‘hoppy’ homebrew kits and holidays with the smell of Mums date scones, homemade jam and whipped cream; or Mrs Glover's kitchen perfume and the way she tempted you to come over and lick the spoon from the homemade ice-cream…

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CBK comes from the memories of it’s people. We are proud of New Zealand’s heritage and that’s where we looked for inspiration when we created CBK. We wanted to create a comfortable venue where people felt they could kick their shoes off and fully relax without sacrificing the quality of their meal or the choice available in terms of drinks.

We welcome young families, sports groups, tourists, corporate lunches and that romantic date. We have a special place in our hearts for the grandparents who love to bring their grandchildren in and talk about the old bicycle on display and the black and white pictures showing a New Zealand of days gone by. It’s important to us that our guests feel welcome and comfortable. 

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We handpick the best of New Zealand craft beers and offer more than 60 different beers in each venue. Our favourites are from the Good George & Sidecar brewing companies, as well as the local breweries surrounding our stores. We offer a changing selection which is determinedly Kiwi as. Of course, we also offer a solid line of wine, cocktails, spirits and non-alcohol options.

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We always use fresh produce, locally sourced where possible, and like to showcase seasonal stars throughout. Combining classic cooking with creativity, we like to ‘smoke it and serve it’.

Our menu features CBK devotee favourites, we are the home of the Stonegrill Experience, offer juicy burgers, sensational smoked dishes, amazing steaks, and a cracking selection of street food items.

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Hidden in the back we have our smokers, the unique member of our crafty family, ready to 'smoke it and serve it' 24/7.
What makes it so finger-lickin' good?
The Meat - Top quality, free-range, local cuts
The Rub - Before cooking we massage our meat with our own secret blend of herbs and spices to give it the unique flavours only found at CBK.
The Wood - Apple, Hickory or Maple each providing a unique taste infusion to your dinner!

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CBK is the Home of Stonegrill Experience

The next generation of Stonegrill dining.

 STONEGRILL involves searing meat at high temperatures to lock in all the natural juices and nutrients. The stone is delivered to the table, sizzling, the stone cooks prime cuts to perfection, just the way any customer wants it. 

This unique dining experience offers a taste beyond anything you’re likely to have ever experienced before. The theatre and customer interaction exceeds customer expectation and provides you with a higher head spend, decreases ticket times & lowers staff wages! 

Plus it’s healthy: all visible fat is trimmed from the cut of meat before it touches the grill and no oils are added during the cooking process.

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